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Why study this program?

There is no other university in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that offers a similar study program. For this reason, this program is chosen by those who want to gain comprehensive knowledge about working in the hotel industry, gastronomy, tourism or marketing. Thanks to quality partners such as CPI Hotels, Czech Tourism, Trade and Tourism Association or Aquapalace Prague , all students have the opportunity to get an internship according to their preferences and thus apply the learned knowledge to practice already during the study. In addition, students can gain experience in running two school restaurants and bars, which operate directly at the school's Prague branch. Thanks to the connection between teaching and practice, VŠHE graduates will find employment practically immediately after graduation , or in many cases they will successfully start their own business.

The study program is taught only in the Czech language.

Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing (Bc.)

Professional orientations



Learn to manage hotels, wellness facilities and restaurants.



Focus on solving the issue of destination management.


Marketing in services

Get to know the power of marketing and use it to your advantage.

Benefits of studying at VŠHE

Unique program

We are the only university focusing on hospitality, tourism and marketing.

Excellent facilities

VŠHE has 2 restaurants and bars.

Interesting internships

The opportunity to work with our partners.

No more learning by heart

More critical thinking and practical experience.

Top experts

You will be taught by managers, entrepreneurs and other experts from practice.

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries.

Opinion of students and graduates

Satisfied students are our best advertisement.


I also hesitated to choose a bachelor's degree, but in the end I decided for VŠHE, which was a great choice. Not only an endless theory awaits you here, but above all you will gain unique experience and contacts, which is very beneficial and important for your subsequent career in the field. VŠHE personally supported me in my passion for wine sommelier and marketing in the field of gastronomy and tourism.


At VŠHE, I liked the connection of professional theory with practice the most. We were then able to put into practice what we learned in class. It is a great preparation for all future hoteliers. I will always be happy to remember studying, it was a good decision.


Three years at VŠHE are like snapping your fingers away. The friendly atmosphere, the professionalism of the academic staff, the topicality of the topics addressed and the close connection with the practice are just a small list of things that can characterize the University of Hotel Management. It thus becomes a great springboard for creating your own future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which cities to study Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing? +

    This study program can be studied in Prague and Bratislava.
  • Can I have subjects from another school recognized? +

    Yes. If you transfer from another university, it is possible to have subjects completed in the last five years from the submission of the application recognized. More information will be provided by our study department.
  • What are the specializations in the study program Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing? +

    Students can choose one of three specializations - Hospitality, Tourism and Marketing in Services.
  • Is the length of study 3 years also in the full-time form? +

    Yes, the length of study remains the same, even in Slovakia thanks to Czech accreditations.
  • How often do students go to school? +

    Full-time students attend classes 3-4 times a week. Part-time students attend classes for three weeks during block modules during the semester.
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Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

Open door day

VŠHE prepares an Open door day on a monthly basis, for each city separately. During the open day, you will have the opportunity to look at the VŠHE premises, meet the teachers and also ask all the questions that interest you.

15. 11. 2022Prague
14. 12. 2022Prague
Individual termZnojmo
Individual termBratislava


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