Unique program and first-class teachers.

VŠHE, as the only university in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, focuses on teaching hospitality, tourism and marketing. Thanks to studying at VŠHE, you will learn how to manage luxury hotels and restaurants, you will be able to hold top positions in the tourism segment, or you will be able to apply your knowledge of marketing and management when starting your own business. Throughout your studies, you will be taught by experts from practice as the general director of the largest aqua park in Central Europe, Ing. Mgr. Vladana Horáková, MBA, well-known Czech sommelier, Ing. Jiří Zelený or the Deputy Mayor of Čelákovice and a member of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, Ing. Petr Studnička, PhD.

Successful graduates.

Successful students are our best business card. Thousands of students who graduated from VŠHE have become successful managers and key operators in a wide range of services in the hotel and gastronomy industry, entrepreneurs, PR and event managers or mass media workers. Well-known graduates include, for example, the manager Tomáš Blabla, director of the Valachy resots and Hotelier of the Year 2014, Michal Filip, managing director of Prague Hotels s.r.o. and owner of Lucerna Music Bar, Veronika Dalekorejová, director of sales and marketing at the Alcron Hotel, or Jozef Maršálek, influencer and consultant in the Peče celá země program. If necessary, it is also not a problem to arrange individual consultation hours, or a conversation via Skype or Google Meets from the comfort of your home.

Excellent background and emphasis on practice.

To build a successful career, it is appropriate for students to apply their new knowledge in practice during their studies. For this reason, students can try the work and management of staff in a restaurant or bar, which operate directly at the school’s premises in Prague. Students can also try negotiating with suppliers of raw materials and beverages. In addition, students can gain work experience during their studies with our partners, such as CPI Hotels or AquaPalace Prague, and many of these internships are also paid.

Why study at VŠHE?

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