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Why study this specialization?

According to the guarantor of the program and the deputy mayor of Čelákovice, Ing. Petr Studnička, PhD., practical teaching is the best way to prepare a student for a future successful career. For this reason, VŠHE has several dozen partners (eg CPI hotels, CzechToursim, Aquapalace Prague), where students can practice during their studies and try to work in the management of these companies. Quality theoretical training will be provided by VŠHE students by teachers, many of whom have worked in leading positions in international hotels, restaurants or did business themselves in the field of hospitality and gastronomy.
The specialization is taught only in the Czech language.

Graduate profile

Where can a graduate of the specialization apply?

Profile courses

Business in hospitality and gastronomyHotel marketing and event managementBanks and financial operationsHotel reservation and restaurant systems

Graduate profile

Event managerManagerial and key operational positions in the hotel and gastronomy industryManagement of medium and large spa and wellness facilitiesOwn business

Advantages of studying at VŠHE

Unique specialization

We are the only university focusing on hospitality, tourism and marketing.

Excellent facilities

VŠHE has 2 restaurants and bars.

Interesting internships

The opportunity to work with our partners.

No more learning by heart

More critical thinking and practical experience.

Top experts

You will be taught by managers, entrepreneurs and other experts from practice.

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries.

What awaits you during your studies?

Listen to what Ing. Jiří Zelený, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the Department of Hospitality Management and a respected sommelier, says about hospitality.

Study plan

Semester Name of the subject
Fall Basics of tourism
Fall Microeconomics
Fall Gastronomy - service
Fall Information and communication technologies
Fall Management
Fall English language
Fall Foreign language
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Macroeconomics
Spring Gastronomy and nutrition - culinary
Spring Basics of hospitality and gastronomy
Spring Statistics
Spring English language
Spring Foreign language
Spring Practice
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Accounting
Fall Catering operation management
Fall Marketing
Fall Law
Fall Optional subject
Fall English language
Fall Foreign language
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Regional economy and hospitality
Spring Business informatics
Spring Taxes and financial reporting
Spring Optional subject
Spring English language
Spring Foreign language
Spring Practice
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Business Economics
Fall Beverage gastronomy
Fall Hotel marketing and event management
Fall Hotel reservation and restaurant systems
Fall Accommodation section
Fall Modern human resources
Fall English language
Fall Seminar on BT
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Banks and financial operations
Spring Business in hospitality and gastronomy
Spring International Trade
Spring Data processing and evaluation
Spring Communication in service management
Spring Psychology
Spring Pre-state-exam seminar
Semester Name of the subject
Brewing and beer sommelier
Wine sommelier
Dietary meals
Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle
Special gastronomy - production
Special gastronomy - services
Mixed beverage production technology
Economic history
Economic development of the Czech Republic
Economic integration
Business management
Influencing consumer behavior
Editorial work
Introduction to marketing communication
Management of spa and wellness services
Geography of tourism in the Czech Republic
Case studies in tourism
The European Union and the Czech Republic
Sales technique and operation of a travel agency
Basics of destination management
Tourism services

We care about students

Satisfied students are our best business card.


VŠHE gave me a wide view. I can work in the hotel industry, but also in gastronomy, tourism or marketing. The hospitality industry has always attracted me and now, as a graduate, I have a great chance to work in it. Teachers are people in the right place who have extensive experience and try to pass on as much as possible to students


Three years at VŠHE are like snapping your fingers away. The friendly atmosphere, the professionalism of the academic staff, the topicality of the topics addressed and the close connection with the practice are just a small list of things that can characterize the University of Hotel Management. It thus becomes a great springboard for creating your own future.


At VŠHE I liked the connection of professional theory with practice the most. What we learned in class, we could then try in practice. It is a great preparation for all future hoteliers. I will always be very happy to remember studying, it was a good decision.

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Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

Open door day

VŠHE prepares an Open door day on a monthly basis, for each city separately. During the open day, you will have the opportunity to look at the VŠHE premises, meet the teachers and also ask all the questions that interest you.

15. 11. 2022Prague
14. 12. 2022Prague
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