The professional conference on culinary heritage in practice focuses primarily on the current state of knowledge and presentation of the culinary heritage of the various regions of the Czech Republic, which reflects elements of national and cultural identity. It describes the methods and outcomes of identifying traditional regional dishes and beverages, their application in current practice, and the potential for recognition based on regional/national products.

In this manner, the Culinary Heritage Conference in practice provides a venue not only for the presentation and dissemination of the results of previous professional work in the field, but also for the resolution of other pressing issues and the formulation of pertinent questions.

The primary theme and objective of the conference is to present and educate on the culinary heritage of the Czech Republic and Slovakia within the context of gastronomic practice, tourism, and professional education.

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Register for the conference by 7th October 2022 at the latest.
Scientific Conference Committee:
– prof. PhDr. Irena Korbelářová, Dr.
– doc. Ing. Jan Hán, Ph.D.
– PhDr. Radmila Dluhošová, Ph.D.

Conference Organizing Committee:
– doc. Ing. Jan Hán, Ph.D.
– Ing. Jiří Zelený, Ph.D.
– Ing. Zbyněk Vinš