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Why study this specialization?

The AUDIT specialization will allow the student to pay more attention to small, medium and large entities that are required to have their accounts audited. The student will get acquainted with the nature of the audit, the basic rules by which the auditor follows, understand the mandatory stages of the audit, will be acquainted with audit procedures, especially audit planning, audit risk and its evaluation and the obligation to document audit work. Will understand the auditor's report, including the wording of the auditor's statements.

The FINANCIAL CONTROLLING specialization will enable the student to orientate himself very well in accounting and financial information and thus be a significant support for the owners of business corporations or the management of non-profit entities. Financial controlling is a subsystem of the management of every business corporation. The task of the controller is not only to support the management of the company with information, but also to coordinate and orientate oneself in planning and control and to set up a system of rules that help to achieve the company's goals.

The specialization is taught only in the Czech language.

Graduate profile

Where can a graduate of the specialization apply?

Profile courses

Financial accounting II - financial statementsFinancial accounting IIManagerial accountingAudit of financial statements

Graduate profile

In large audit firms (eg KPMG, Deloitte)Tax inspectorIn the management of private and state companies

Advantages of studying at VŠHE

Top experts

You will be taught by managers, entrepreneurs and other experts from practice.

Quality partners

Possibility of internships in prestigious companies such as APOGEO Group, BDO C.A. and many others.

Long tradition

We have been providing quality education in the field of accounting and finance for more than 15 years.


Graduates of economics belong to above-average paid jobs.

Unique program

We are one of the few private universities that offer the study of finance and accounting..

Erasmus +

Possibility to travel to dozens of countries.

Study plan

Semester Name of the subject
Fall Macroeconomics
Fall Mathematics
Fall Basics of accounting
Fall Marketing
Fall Basics of informatics
Fall Foreign language - first
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Statistics
Spring Financial accounting I
Spring Management
Spring Fundamentals of law
Spring Foreign language - first
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Financial Mathematics
Fall Business Administration
Fall Financial accounting II
Fall Business finance
Fall Foreign language - first
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Accounting and tax specifics of ltd.
Spring Managerial accounting
Spring Managerial finance
Spring Taxes I
Spring Foreign language - first
Spring Writing professional papers
Semester Name of the subject
Fall Professional internship
Semester Name of the subject
Spring Financial analysis
Spring Taxes II
Spring Submission of bachelor thesis
Semester Name of the subject
Tax records and accounting of an individual entrepreneur
Application of the tax system in practice
Public sector accounting
Use of computers in accounting
Audit of financial statements
Law in business
Semester Name of the subject
Risk management and internal audit
Basics of IFRS

At our school, you are not just a number, but a person that teachers remember and try to support even in difficult times.


For each subject I undertook, it was possible to arrange both individual consultations and exam dates. This made it easier to combine family, work and study responsibilities.


Teachers pass on their practical experience to students, thanks to which the material is better understood. Even at the time of online teaching, I did not feel any change in the attitude of the teachers.

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Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

Vysoká škola hotelová a ekonomická

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